After Stabbing Six People in an Auckland Supermarket, Cops Shot Down a ‘Terrorist.’

New Zealand officials said on Friday that a violent extremist motivated by the self -proclaimed Islamic State organisation slashed and injured six grocery shoppers in Auckland before being shot and killed by police.
The incident was labelled by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as a terror attack. She said
the man was a Sri Lankan immigrant to New Zealand in 2011.
Ardern revealed he was well-known to the country’s security forces and was under
constant surveillance.
The Prime Minister said that the man could not be held in prison since it was against the
According to Ardern, three of them who were stabbed were critically wounded.
“This was a brutal assault. “It was irrational,” Ardern remarked. “And I’m so sorry it
At around 2:40 p.m. local time, the attack occurred at a Countdown supermarket in
Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city.

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The man had been followed to the shop by law enforcement officers when he snatched
a knife from the shelves and began stabbing customers. According to Ardern, he was
shot and killed by police “within the period of around 60 seconds of the attack starting.”
According to Police Commissioner Andrew Coster, the officers were concerned about
the man’s philosophy and kept a tight eye on him. On Friday, they followed Coster from
his house to the supermarket, he said.
“He walked into the store, like he had done previously. “He got a knife from inside the
store,” Coster explained. “Surveillance personnel were as close as they could get to him
to keep an eye on him.”
The sound of ten rounds being fired in fast succession was captured on camera by a
bystander inside the shop.
Ardern said she couldn’t say everything she wanted about the issue because of legal
restrictions, but she hoped those restrictions would be overturned soon.
Some grocery patrons reportedly offered towels and diapers to individuals who had
been injured.
“I can’t image how everyone who was there and watched such a dreadful incident would
be feeling in the aftermath,” Ardern added. “However, thank you for assisting those who
needed you when they needed you.”
The city of Auckland is currently on lockdown due to a coronavirus pandemic. The
majority of businesses are closed, and residents are only allowed to leave their houses
to buy groceries, attend medical appointments, or exercise

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