Clown Mocks A Mother Who Refused To Let Her Son Get A Butterfly Tattoo On His Face And Requested Skull And Crossbones Instead.

Children are educated from a young age to comply to gender standards, but this can go
out of hand at times. Sandra, a clown who paints the faces of children, chose to share a
sad event she had that illustrates gender stereotypes on Twitter.
A youngster wanted her to paint a blue butterfly on his face at a picnic, but his mother
interrupted. She refused to let the child have a butterfly and asked that Sandra paint
something more “masculine.”
Sandra was inspired to speak up about what happens to males who are stigmatized for
loving ‘feminine’ things and are instead driven to be hyper-masculine. Read the rest of
the story by scrolling down!
Sandra, a Twitter user, decided to share a terrible event she had that exemplifies
gender stereotypes.

Via: Twitter

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