Influencer Punishes Her Child for Ruining Her Makeup Palette

Influencer Punishes Her Child for Ruining Her Makeup Palette
The heartbreak of losing an expensive palette is something that all beauty aficionados
can identify to.
This sort of thing happens, whether it’s due to an accident or a cheeky child getting their
hands on it.
However, after admitting to “beating the crap” out of her toddler for breaking her pricey
makeup palette, one influencer has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.
Continue reading to learn more about this frightening story…

Are there any makeup aficionados out there?

makeup aficionados
makeup aficionados

As a cosmetic junkie, I can tell you that there’s nothing quite like getting your hands on a
brand-new makeup palette.
There’s something quite fulfilling about owning a high-end beauty palette.
Finally, makeup is an art form in which people may express their inner creativity with
just one brush and a palettes.
Makeup isn’t inexpensive, to be sure.
A beauty palette can cost a few hundred dollars, especially if you’re expanding out into
higher-end products.
This is why many individuals make a living by selling cosmetics.
You can even make money by just uploading tutorials and reviews to the internet if
you’re very competent.

Here is Michelle Grace.

Make Artist
She’s a 23-year-old beauty influencer with a 2-year-old daughter named Arya.
“My Toddler Ruined My JSC Alien Palette|Now I’m Sad,” she captioned a video on
her YouTube account.

This video, along with her entire channel and social media, has since been erased, but
screenshots and records have been captured thanks to the internet.
Arya can be heard weeping in the background when the video begins.

Michelle, on the other hand, does not appear impressed as she speaks to the camera.
“No matter how many times I tell her not to meddle with my makeup, she never f******
listens,” says my 2-year-old.

The young mother appears to be suppressing her rage.

Via: YouTube
“What does she do now that I’ve hidden it somewhere she can’t find it? She discovers it!
She’s wrecked two of my palettes, one of which is being phased out! “As Arya continues
to scream in the background, she explains.
She then goes on to talk about how her hand hurts after dealing with her

Michelle then continues, “But she learned a lesson… because I just beat the snot out of
her,” which is stunning to hear her express in such a casual and matter-of-fact manner.
Michelle discussed the necessity of these colours after noting how she doesn’t
generally spank her child.
Arya had previously wrecked her James Charles eyeshadow palette, and now she has
ruined her Jeffree Star Alien palette as well. “It’s like being a child when you work your
tail off for something and save up to get something. You treat it as if it were a child.”
Michelle appears to be more enraged over the makeup’s expense.
“I can’t afford to buy another $54 palette right now, no matter how much I’d like to have
all of the [Jeffree Star] palettes! The Alien palette was so expensive that I couldn’t afford
it! “she expressed herself.

The price of an eyeshadow pallet isn’t a cause to beat up on your kid.

“I understand that many parents will disagree with me. But I don’t usually do it… I don’t
usually spank my child unless it’s very necessary, and then it’s usually just a pop. And it
just aches a little. She sobs for about five seconds “After admitting her hand hurt from
punching Arya, she then stated something utterly contradictory.
A large number of Michelle’s fans were outraged by the video, with many believing that
the influencer proved that she was more concerned with her own makeup than her own
She drew a lot of criticism… and rightly so! However, before deleting her Twitter
account, she issued a statement that said, “What I did should never have been done in
the first place. I made a rash decision based on my feelings… That stated, please
accept my heartfelt apologies if anything was misconstrued. I admit that I made a
terrible choice of words.”
She claims to be a new mother who makes blunders.

“I shouldn’t have made it appear like material things mattered more than she did,
because they didn’t. Now I see where I went wrong. I adore her more than anything or
anyone else. I’ve always done it, “She was adamant. “I’m a new mother who is far from
ideal. However, I am a good mother. That was not reflected in my video or my confused
emotions, and I sincerely apologize.”
Michelle continued by describing how difficult parenthood is.

“This entire parenting thing is still new to me. It isn’t simple. I don’t believe it will ever be
simple. I hope you will all be able to recognize the good in me one day.”
Michelle attempted to justify her actions by claiming that she did not strike her
kid hard.

Via: YouTube
“Yes, I spanked/popped her. But it isn’t difficult. Her feelings were harmed, but not hers.
I feel like a failure as a mother when she doesn’t listen to what I say. Talking quietly and
removing items for brief periods of time does not always work with her.” However, this
does not make it acceptable.
Michelle appears to be “cool with this” as the event is being investigated. “I appreciate
the concern and promise to be better moving ahead,” she ended.

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