What Is Instagram

What Is Instagram?

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What Is Instagram?

This blog is about What Is Instagram?. Many people do not know about Instagram. But, Instagram is a big platform to post photos, chatting, finding new people, video chat with new people, follow celebrities, and talk to them. This app is great for enjoying, and get followers. You can also make a new profile of yours on Instagram. But in this blog, We are only talking about Instagram. Instagram is also for getting more and more followers. There are a lot of tricks to achieve followers. If you want more blogs go check out our other blogs.

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There’s alot to talk about Instagram UI. On, the Home page you find some great pics of which people you follow. Suggestion for you in which you find random people slide. Some are celebrities, random people, and many others. You can love other people’s photos and send messages. The UI of Instagram is amazing with other amazing things.

Instagram Search

This is my favorite part in which I watch other people videos, photos, igtv. Instagram Search has also a search button in which you search for a random person. Like any profile and the id of the people will come and you can watch Those videos, photos, and many more. You can post videos and it will be famous by instagram search and this is real. But you can only post from phone.


You can also make a story that your followers watch and comment on. You can make a boomerang, a text story, a photo story, a video story, and an igtv story. This story feature is amazing to keep your fans and followers keep updated about you. Your followers watch your story instantly because of Instagram UI.

Post photos

You post photos on Instagram using its own feature of the plus button. This button is used for uploading photos, videos, igtv, and many other things. In photos, you can tag anyone by using ” @ ” and the username of the profile. You can use lots of hashtags but don’t do spam.


” IGTV ” full form is ” Instagram TV “. It is used for uploading long videos on Instagram it is like a video player for long videos. This is of the best features of Instagram you watch the video where you want. But this feature is not in the normal player of Instagram.

Message People

You can also message celebrities, YouTubers, streamers, and many other big personalities. You can message anyone by following, and after this click on the message. The messenger of Instagram gets opened and you can message anything like ” HELLO “.


You can video chat with any of your friend or any other random people by going messenger and click on video chat. This feature is also the best feature of Instagram. In which you live video chat anyone and they pick it.


There is a heart-shaped notification icon. In which you see which one is following you, likes you, or message you. This is the best way of notification and the notification process is very fast.


Yes It’s True, You can order anything from an Instagram shop. But, It’s not 100% trusted. This feature is used by more than 100,000+ people and no one has any issue with the order. The order is shipped and packed properly. You can also be in contact with the seller by the messenger. We completed our topic.


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