What Is Twitter

What Is Twitter

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What Is Twitter

What Is Twitter? Twitter is the biggest platform to make followers. Twitter is the best platform to contact a brand through a tweet. It is a rocket for your tweet I tell you why in the next points. It is super simple to use, Its graphics are super simple. You can make an account on Twitter very easily. Twitter is a website and also an app. It is best to contain any brand by a tweet. It provides our dashboard in which we can edit our profile. If you are waiting for the next point so let’s get started.


The home page of the tweet is super cool. In which we found some latest tweets by which people you are following. You can see the home page as simple but it’s used as ai. The page delivers us many features and options with a sidebar. On the right side, We found ” What’s Happening “there, after this, we found some awesome trending #hashtags and who to follow.


Profile page provides us a full to complete organization of yours. You can also Set-up your profile again and again, You can also tweet on it that can go viral and this can happen on your profile page. A tweet can be any of your photos, video, or any line by your post. You can tweet a lot and be a social media influencer if you not read my best social media platforms so go and read the blog click here. I also listed in this post it why go and read more about it. It Just Has This And A Search BAR. So How Much We Talk On It, So We Close Our Topic Here And Then Meet In The Next Blog. For Learning More From Me Click Below and Learn More From Jerry


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