What Women Are Looking For In The First 10 Minutes.

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Characteristics that Attract Women Quickly and Easily.
There’s one question you should ask yourself, and it’s one that you should ask in everyinteraction.
Why is she so interested in speaking with me? Why is she insisting on conversing with me? So,
what’s the catch?
So, if you were incredibly, really attractive, would that help your interaction? But how much
influence do you have over this?
You guys would be astonished when I take guys to a fashion stylist and we talk about how you
dress, how you’re groomed, and all that type of stuff. How much of a difference can that make?
Seriously, it’s like something out of a science fiction movie.

I came in with a random go this Street and walked out with a crazy male model. It’s strange, yet you can accomplish a lot, but I’m sure there are some things you can’t change.
You can’t alter your height, but you can alter your weight. However, this is a slow process that
takes time. So, certainly, you could be extremely attractive, but I’m not going to focus on that.
Because we have only a limited amount of influence over it. You don’t have to be wealthy,
powerful, or famous to be successful.

girls Girls
girls Girls

Consider Snoop Dogg entering a room and arguing with the ladies about whether or not it’s
time to play.
These are some examples of how you could provide value to a conversation. But those aren’t
the things I want to concentrate on. We have very little control over them, and curiously
enough, if they’re your sole tools, you’re not likely to have very successful connections.

There is a lot of research going on right now to see what causes people to attract each other.
Why do people choose who they will stick with and who they will settle for? And I believe what
they discovered was a way to predict when and why people will enter a relationship.

You want to make a guess as to how similar they were. They might have been, but it wasn’t a
particularly reliable indicator. The fact that they were similar wasn’t a helpful signal. People get into partnerships when they can be useful to the other, which doesn’t seem very romantic. But don’t forget that utility can be used for a variety of purposes.

Utility may be that; I am someone who has never received enough love from a member of my family. And the person with whom I’m going to settle down is someone who will have to smother me in love and never abandon me. That might be useful.

girls girls
But utility is often overlooked. Let’s say I’m trying to start a business and I might meet a girl
who is just starting out in her career. If I am successful and improve people’s lives. As someone
who has been through it previously, I can be of great assistance to her. I’m appealing to her
because I’m on a journey she’s just beginning, and I offer a solution to her problem.

It’s all about having values that the other person values. It’s not just about the money. But,
more importantly, individuals in general like learning new things from the people they enjoy
spending time with.

So one of the best things you can do is having a few topics on your mind that are very exciting to share with others. I’ve been doing this in my relationships for a long time, and you could be thinking, “Well, that’s nice, but where can I find something interesting?”

So, for example, one of the easiest places to get amazing facts that are interesting to everyone,
not just booba geeks like me, is to look up stuff like the seven things you never knew about past
American presidents or the five strangest origins of iconic symbols etc.

Let me offer you an example of a fact you can now share with a target. It’s a fascinating tidbit of
information. Do you know why lettuce is used to make the love heart? If you look at the
antiques, you’ll see that a heart occurs frequently on all drums and coins. In reality, the heart
symbol can be found in a variety of places.
The heart symbol is, in fact, the rough shape of a seed from a specific plant. Because it served
as a contraceptive, that plant was quite popular throughout the Roman era. Women would be
unable to conceive if they ate the seeds from this shrub.

It was very famous among couples.

It had to be worth more than gold, right? It was, in fact, priceless. Because you’d be able to have
sex without having to worry about having children.This seed got so overused that, it got wiped
off the face of the planet. So the love heart actually represents lot of sex. That’s an interesting
fact that you can tell. it’s one way to add value.
If you can share anything interesting, you’re providing greater value than that. Can you pick up
girls who make a lot of money? Yes, you can, and you should. It’s been done before. We all like
a good laugh. There isn’t a single person on this earth who will declare, “I despise that guy
because he makes me laugh every time I see him.”

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, and making this woman laugh is the quickest way to make an impact and keep her around longer. After that, because I’m sure many of you have had similar experience, you’ll have a chance to create an actual impression.
You approach a female and ask, “How are you doing?” And you can see she’s already written
you out by her expression. Anyone has ever approached a girl in that manner before.

When you talk to her, she gives you brief one-word answers and doesn’t seem too interested in you,
despite the fact that you’ve been talking to her for a long time. You can bring engagement to
this interaction, which she enjoys, if you can get in there and make it enjoyable. Saying hello
with a grin is one of my favourite ways to open a girl’s eyes. It’s my preferred method of
greeting a lady.
Many of us have witnessed one or two gals staring into a phone while in a pub.

The next time you see them, simply walk up to them and say, “Hey, you guys are looking great.” Now, I understand that there may be times when that is completely improper, in which case don’t use it. There is no one-size-fits-all pick-up line that will always work.
Let me give you an example: you observe two girls sitting in a bar’s far corner. You can
approach them and remark, “Hey, you guys appear to be hiding from someone.” This isn’t the
funniest pickup line in the world, but it’ll get someone’s attention. And you get a nice response
when you do that, when you bring that into an encounter.

How did you get so proficient at these?

If you’re out with friends, even if you’re not planning on talking to anyone that night, sit with them and have a conversation with your beer in hand. What if we could open this girl, say?
You come up with some ideas if you brainstorm for a time, especially if you don’t have to talk to
them. The only time we consider what we could say to a female is when she is someone we
really want to talk to.
Try removing the pressure by sitting with your friends and simply brainstorming. You’ll get
better at it quickly, and I always tell guys that the first 10 seconds to a minute should be spent
just having fun and lively conversation. So you’ve proven your worth, you’re a good time, and
you’ve got a chance to accomplish everything else.

It’s understandable that you’d want to engage in such interaction. When I say “interaction,” I mean that you’re supposed to make her want to be with you. She doesn’t have to jump into your bones. I mean, you have to show that she enjoys your company. That leaves room for everything else, because I know the majority of you have a lot of really fantastic stuff to offer a chick.

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