WHO cautions, that the delta variant is responsible for a spike in coronavirus cases around the world.

WHO cautions, that the delta variant is responsible for a spike in coronavirus cases around the world.
According to the World Health Organization, the number of new coronavirus cases worldwide
increased by at least 12% in the last week, with infections increasing in almost all regions.
In the last seven days , more than 4 million new cases are being reported globally, which is
quite alarming.

Covid-19 Delta Variant concept with graphics

The delta variant’s dramatic climb has now expanded to 124 nations and is on track to become
the most common coronavirus strain on the planet.
In remarks to the Senate on Tuesday, top US infectious-disease expert Anthony S. Fauci warned that the delta variant is now responsible for more than 80% of new infections in the US.
The Tokyo Olympics have begun in Japan, despite the fact that the coronavirus epidemic has
not been resolved, even after the Games were postponed for a year and officials have taken
extreme efforts to minimize the virus’s spread.
Some international and Japanese health professionals have expressed concern that the Olympic Games may become a “superspreader” event. According to the Kyodo News agency, Tokyo reported the greatest number of daily new cases since mid-January on Wednesday.

The delta form is the most widespread, and it is also the most contagious. According to recent
studies in Canada and China, there is “increasing evidence” that the delta variant is more
transmissible than earlier variants of the virus.
Researchers in Canada evaluated data from over 200,000 cases and discovered a link between
the delta variant and an increased risk of hospitalisation, ICU admission, and mortality.

According to statistics from the open-access GISAID database based in Germany, the delta
variant currently accounts for more than 75 percent of sequenced viral samples in many
countries. Australia, the United Kingdom, China, Denmark, Israel, Russia, and South Africa are
among those countries.
Vaccines are by far the most effective tool we have, but they aren’t flawless, and they aren’t the only tool we have. To keep the current wave under control, more than vaccines will likely be required.

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